A full-time VFX and Motion Graphics Artist with a high level of technical IT experience. Possesses Knowledge of troubleshooting hardware and software applications. Excellent communication abilities. Team oriented with collaborative behavior.


Demo Reel

2018 - Music by RJ Infusino.


Hi, I'm Dave

            I am a VFX & Motion Graphics artist, but my work doesn't stay within that realm. I have worked on several film shoots and live broadcasts and feel right at home in the studio, as well as on the computer. I always tried my best to be proactive and enjoy working with others. I believe that great communication is essential to any team environment. Having lead several team projects I know what it takes to be a team player, also being able to take feedback and criticism. In addition to that I have worked in the IT field, which has taught me that there is always a solution to any situation. I am always willing to challenge myself and bring a positive attitude where ever I go.